About Us

Welcome to the Medical Freedom Shop!

We’re so glad that you’re here.  That means either you’re a troll (please, share your outrage about us online, it really helps get the word out!), or you are a medical freedom warrior.  When you’re the latter, you learn to stop caring what people think about you.  Learning the truth and protecting our freedom becomes more important than fitting in or sticking with a political ideology.  You get your news from multiple sources, including first person accounts that are often blacklisted from the media.  You don’t just trust the experts, you look at the data yourself. Instead of just posting memes on social media and calling yourself an activist, you actually KNOW the names of your legislators and contact them regularly.  Even though it can feel very uncomfortable, you learn that you must speak up, even when your own family disagrees with you.

In that spirit, we created the Medical Freedom Shop for our fellow warriors.  We hope to be your favorite place to get a t-shirt for the next protest, legislator meeting, or doctor’s appointment.  And, we want to connect with individuals and medical freedom groups all around the world and help you raise funds.  Whether you’re trying to raise money for the bills because the shutdown decimated your business, for treatment for a vaccine injured loved one, or for a group to continue its work, we hope you check out our affiliate program.  Just by sharing a link, you can earn 15% of all sales from our entire site.  Additionally, we can work with you to post your custom artwork for sale.

No other freedom matters when you don’t have the rights to medical decisions over your own body.  We yearn for the day when this is a basic human right and exemptions don’t even need to exist.  Until that time, help us spread the word on your t-shirt.