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Inspiring couple loses 270 pounds together with a GMO free diet!

Tony and Carla have achieved a remarkable goal - as a couple, they took charge of their health and lost a total of 270 pounds!  

Carla Jane lost 160 lbs in two years going completely organic. She has a disease called PCOS which is an endocrine disease marked by hormonal imbalance, inflammation, and cystic ovaries. She explains, "Roundup is an endocrine disruptor, so I changed my diet to try and heal my hormonal imbalance and lost 160lbs."  Glyphosate and GMOs cause endocrine disruption, among other things - Carla and Tony recommend following PCOS DIVA for anyone else suffering from PCOS.  

Her boyfriend, Tony Gotto, lost 110 lbs on a real food diet in about a year and a half.  He says, "We eat 100% organic, use organic products, we don't eat sugar (unless its organic coconut sugar).  GMOs are an endocrine disruptor, so we had to cut them out, and these are the results!"
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  • That is an incredible and admirable story. Thanks for sharing. Wish you would blog and inform us all of alternatives to what we’re being fed. Thanks for the coconut sugar alt.

  • Congrats on your life saving endevour!

    Ann Taylor
  • Changing to all organic and avoiding sugar has improved my memory and health greatly. I am sad for those that don’t know how bad pesticides / GMOs are, or who can’t avoid them.

    Crystal Borck
  • I was diagnosed with 4th stage iga nephropathy(Chronic kidney disease) 7 yrs ago. I went gmo free and achieved the impossible! I reversed the progression of my disease. Although I’ve been diagnosed with several oth autoimmune disease since then I have been stage 3. Every time I consume anything with gmos I pay for it with my health. I get an allergic response. I blame gmos for many triggers of autoimmune disease in ppl with predisposed DNA. Saynotogmo


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