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10 Diseases that Marijuana Helps

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It is estimated that prescription medicines cause 100,000 deaths each year. The very fact that marijuana or cannabis has not caused a single death (whether used medically or recreationally) shows that this substance is way better than prescription drugs. It is a fact that a research conducted in Harvard University has proven that in 10,000 years since its utilization, marijuana has not caused a single death. (Read Dr. Lester Grinspoon’s interview on this here). 

Dr. Paul Hornby, biochemist and pathologist has spent decades on the research on medical cannabis and called for its legalization. Says Dr. Hornby: “you have to smoke something like 15,000 joints in 20 minutes to get a toxic amount of delta-9 tetrahydrocannibinol (the main ingredient in cannabis), and I challenge anybody to do that!”

Another interesting fact is that a former national administrator in the United States Government Marijuana research program, Dr. Tod Mikuriya, suggested that nearly 200 medical conditions respond favorably to Marijuana and he has even documented this in a film “The Union” which is available on YouTube.

While we cannot document all 200 conditions, we are listing 10 major medical conditions that can be effectively treated using Marijuana.

Alzheimer’s disease

THC or 9 tetrahydrocannibinol found in Cannabis prevents enzymes that are responsible for Alzheimer’s plaque which leads to dementia and memory issues. Medical Marijuana can also prevent protein clumps which interfere with cognitive brain function.


Hundreds of children have benefitted from marijuana which prevents epileptic seizures. According to Dr. Robert J. DeLorenzo, professor of neurology at the VCU School of Medicine,: “The ingredients in medical marijuana can play a critical role in preventing spontaneous epileptic seizures and while it is illegal in the United States, it should be used a therapeutic drug for treating a variety of ailments apart from epilepsy.”


People suffering from pain and inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis reported improved sleep quality after taking marijuana. (Note that the drug does not curb the disease but it certainly helps with its debilitating pain).

Multiple Sclerosis

MS patients reported feeling happier and pain free after participating in trials conducted to evidence the effect of Marijuana on painful cramps in legs and arms of Multiple sclerosis patients. How many prescription drugs can claim to do that?


Many proponents of Marijuana believe that it can not only help relieve pressure on the ocular nerve; it could also reverse deterioration to prevent age related blindness.


In a huge study conducted on more than 4000 participants in SUNY Albany, it was observed that people who used marijuana occasionally (or daily) had lesser depressive symptoms than those who didn’t. The study further showed that users also had more positive outlook and fewer somatic complaints than people who did not use it at all.


Treating anxiety using marijuana is a grey area since, for some users, the drug calmed them down, but for others, it had the opposite effect. That being said, many people like Patsy Eagan of Elle Magazine says that she prefers using marijuana over other prescription or over-the-counter anxiety medication.

Hepatitis C

A study conducted in San Francisco University showed that conventional medicines for Hepatitis C (which affects nearly 3 million Americans each year) have a variety of undesirable side effects like loss of appetite, depression, muscular aches and fatigue etc. Patients who smoked marijuana daily actually had a better blood report in that there was no sign of the virus left in their body. This was the gold standard in Hepatitis treatment because it helped patients complete the therapy despite the undesirable effects the conventional medicines left on them.

Morning sickness

Read this interesting story from Dr. Wei-Ni Lin Curry who used medical cannabis during her pregnancy. “Within two weeks of my daughter's conception, I became desperately nauseated and vomited throughout the day and night. ... I vomited bile of every shade, and soon began retching up blood. ... I felt so helpless and distraught that I went to the abortion clinic twice, but both times I left without going through with procedure. ... Finally I decide to try medical cannabis. ... Just one to two little puffs at night, and if I needed in the morning, resulted in an entire day of wellness. I went from not eating, not drinking, not functioning, and continually vomiting and bleeding from two orifices to being completely cured. ... Not only did the cannabis save my [life] during the duration of my hyperemesis, it saved the life of the child within my womb."

Cancer, HIV and AIDS

We were saving the big ones for last. People with cancer who used conventional medicine and chemotherapy treatment report feeling much better thanks to medical cannabis as it helped them fight pain and nausea and also improved appetite. Marijuana has been proven to contain antibacterial properties that can prevent tumor growth and also enlarge airways to relieve breathing-related and asthma issues in AIDS patients.

In conclusion

It is a fact that prescription drugs are toxic and experimental. Many of them can kill when overdosed on. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are killed each year due to prescription drugs. Marijuana, on the other hand, has not caused even one death. Maybe it is time governments wake up to the numerous health benefits of Marijuana and admit as to how it can, literally, save the World.

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  • Yes, it is proven that there are numerous health benefits of marijuana. It is also used in treating chronic pain, insomnia, kills cancer-causing cells, etc. Thank you for providing such knowledgeable information to us!!

    Dorothy Watson
  • Medical cannabis has entered the mainstream healthcare sector very rapidly despite all the bans and controversies. Various anecdotal studies and research articles have confirmed its therapeutic properties such as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, anti-nausea, antimicrobial, appetite booster, anti-proliferative, antioxidative properties, and many more. These amazing medicinal effects are the reason why cannabis can be effective for a varied range of disorders. So, if anyone wishes to switch to alternative medical therapies, medical cannabis is best option available.

    James J Harper
  • Does anybody at any point had a go at implanting cannabis on their sustenance? I have perused many articles proposing that cannabis has an extremely powerful impact when it accompanies agony and inflamation like this strain The explanation behind this is I dont smoke so blending it with nourishment appears a smart thought. Any individual experience or tribute is very valued. TIA

    Sanford Feldt
  • Thanks for sharing this great article!! International Collaborative Study Reveals The Neuroprotective Properties of Phytocannabinoid Δ9-THCA check here:

    Romit Malhotra
  • Medical Marijuana is having the potential to treat a large number of critical health conditions with reccomendation of licensed marijuana doctor or clinic.Cancer is one of the serious diseases which can be cured by cannabis. With doctor’s recommendation, one can use medical marijuana to get relief from diseases like anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, Arthritis.I would like to share this information with my friends also.

    Peter Lindsey

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