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Toxic Nail Paint Also Seeps into Women’s Bodies: This is Too Shocking!

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A study conducted by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) at the Duke University recently found toxic chemicals in nail polish some of which actually seeps into the women’s bodies. These endocrine disrupting chemicals consist of a trio of harmful elements including TPHP and DPHP (tri and di Phenyl phosphates respectively) which, 14 hours later also metabolize in the users’ bloodstream.

The co-author of the research, Dr. Joanne Congleton said, the results of finding chemicals in every day makeup products used by millions of women is ‘troubling’ to say the least. But what is even more troubling is the fact that the body quickly and easily absorbs these chemicals.

For the study, the researchers used 10 different bottles of nail polishes and found the hormone disrupting chemicals in nearly 8 of them. Only 2 of the nail polishes did not have TPHP in their listed ingredients. Further research found that nearly 1500 nail products including top of the line brands like Sally Hensen, OPI, Wet-n-Wild etc all contained TPHP. Later scientists also studied the urine samples of 26 women volunteers who used the nail polish. Results of these tests confirmed that nearly 24 of the volunteers had elevated DPHP (the body metabolizes TPHP into DPHP) in just 2 to 4 hours of application while the levels actually increased 7 times 10 to 14 hours after application.

TPHP is an essential part of nail polish since it makes the product more flexible and durable.

Said principal investigator of the study, Dr.Heather Stapleton-“Manufacturers add TPHP in place of phthalates –in particular Dibutyl Phthalate- because the phthalates also showed endocrine disrupting and toxic properties that could harm the reproductive system. The latest study now confirms that even TPHP is not the better alternative to Dibutyl Phthalate after all”.

Evidence has also shown that TPHP does affect endocrine function and few studies conducted on animals have shown reproductive and developmental complications as well. The chemical may even be linked to obesity.

Entrepreneur and eco renaissance expert Erin Schrode said: “It is alarming to think that my ruby red nail polish comes with a side of all these toxic effects. While we cannot control all the toxins we are exposed to in this World, each of must become informed and must try to spread the word about these elements. We must also start making smarter choices and vote well. We must extend our support to organizations that support legislation which works for our health. We have to try and shift the marketplace to healthier and greener products…beginning with my brightly colored nail polish”.

As if this is not alarming enough, another study has discovered that even everyday products like perfumes, lotions, body sprays and liquid soaps all contain similar endocrine disrupting products. This study was conducted by the University of Missouri and SUNY Albany. It concluded that majority of the products women use can actually affect their onset of menopause; even shave 2-4 years off it.

So what do you think about these toxic additives to every day makeup products? Comment below!

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  • Why is this shocking are people in western nations in such denial about this products I mean just look at the product’s color the consistency and the smell if highly toxic just go to place where women do their nails and the level of toxicity is of the roof and than western women want a cure for cancer so they can continue using just toxic products. This why cancer exist to indicate something wrong in the enviroment.

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  • We add up should branch out and start selling more nontoxic products. Its very difficult to trust so many companies, even ones that advertise as natural or organic. Us consumers need a few companies that we know can be trusted fully to produce products that are healthy or at least not harmful to us, children, pets, etc. I honestly want to live off the grid, grow my own food, create my own body products, etc

  • These are free of TPHP, DPHP and other toxic chemicals

  • I agree, you should let us know, which brands are safe!!! You should give us the full story and don’t miss the most important part of your story!

    Marta L

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