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How to turn your T-shirt into a Tank Top!

Converting a t-shirt into a tank top is a fun and easy DIY project. Tank tops are cute and they can really make you look stylish and trendy. So here are some steps along with video links to the tutorials that help you easily convert a T-shirt into a sexy and cute tank top.

Step 1:

Get/find/buy any old/new round-neck t-shirt. Always use a t-shirt that is bigger than what you normally wear so that you get ample material to turn inwards for the seams at the sleeves.

Step 2:

Using a colored marker pen/highlighter pen, make marks on the sleeves of the tank. Start a few inches below the armpit of the t-shirt and end on the shoulder, a few inches away from the round neck collar.

Step 3:

Using sharp scissors cut the sleeves out. Do not discard the sleeves material as we will be using it to tie the sleeves of the Tank.

Step 4:

Now, place the shoulder seams of the cut t-shirt together and again using the scissors cut down the front neckline about 6-8 inches. (See video link for clarity). Repeat the step for the backside of the shirt but this time cut up to 10-12 inches. Do not worry if this is not exact.


Now lay the cut T-shirt on the table/ground/work area. Take the sleeves we had cut out in step 3 above and cut long strips from them. Use these seams to tie the sleeves of the Tank together on the back side.

See the video here for the complete and extremely easy tutorial for converting a T-shirt into a tank top

We also recommend the DIY step by step pictorial here


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  • Thanks for Sharing this tutorial that how to converting a T-shirt into a tank top.

    James Thomas
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