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Inspiring couple loses 270 pounds together with a GMO free diet!

Tony and Carla have achieved a remarkable goal - as a couple, they took charge of their health and lost a total of 270 pounds! 


10 Diseases that Marijuana Helps

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It is estimated that prescription medicines cause 100,000 deaths each year. The very fact that marijuana or cannabis has not caused a single death (whether used medically or recreationally) shows that this substance is way better than prescription drugs. It is a fact that a research conducted in Harvard University has proven that in 10,000 years since its utilization, marijuana has not caused a single death.


These 8 Beauty And Fashion Trends Could Be Killing You Softly

Our fast-paced media brings new beauty and style trends with each hour, however some dangerous old trends never seem to go away.  Today we will talk about 8 beauty trends that need to go away immediately.


Toxic Nail Paint Also Seeps into Women’s Bodies: This is Too Shocking!

Nail polish drop

study conducted by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) at the Duke University recently found toxic chemicals in nail polish some of which actually seeps into the women’s bodies. These endocrine disrupting chemicals consist of a trio of harmful elements including TPHP and DPHP (tri and di Phenyl phosphates respectively) which, 14 hours later also metabolize in the users’ bloodstream.


Discredited Monsanto Puppet Kevin Folta Self Destructs on Social Media

A few months ago, an article in the journal Nature revealed that Florida University Professor Kevin Folta had received 25,000 USD from Monsanto in what appears to be a move for damage limitation. The journal also mentions that the money was paid in form of a grant with the postscript of “using it as per your (Mr.Folta’s) discretion for research and outreach projects”.

Instead of keeping mum, Kevin Folta went on Twitter and other social media platforms lying outrageously about his Monsanto ties. The secret was out in the open when someone, quite hilariously, posted this story on, of all places, Craigslist!


How to turn your T-shirt into a Tank Top!

Converting a t-shirt into a tank top is a fun and easy DIY project. Tank tops are cute and they can really make you look stylish and trendy. So here are some steps along with video links to the tutorials that help you easily convert a T-shirt into a sexy and cute tank top.

Aromatherapy And Winter Essential Oils

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Winter is that time of the year when the air is full of ‘bugs’. The flu season is rampant and everywhere you go, you encounter coughs and colds. Fortunately, you can protect yourself and your family with Aromatherapy and winter essential oils.

Did Monsanto Hire A Harvard Prof To Write A Pro-GMO Paper?


In 2014, Harvard professor Calestous Juma wrote an article/paper which supported GMO to end world hunger. In the controversy that followed, he conveniently failed to disclose his ties to Monsanto-resulting in Twitter and other social media speculations that he, the professor, was paid by the Agro-chemical giants to do the said research.

Monsanto-Syngenta Merger: A Seedy Affair That Was Thankfully Nipped in The Bud

Yes-you read the title right. Biotech juggernaut Monsanto was planning to takeover Syngenta as, after their failed merger proposal in April 2015, the company had even sent a second proposal letter on June 6th 2015 for a possible takeover. The difference between the first and second proposal was the fact that Monsanto had also promised a regulatory break fee of several million dollars. However, last month, the company abandoned all its courting efforts despite the very public news that their shares are not doing well.

Some More Alarming Facts About Svalbard Seed Vault

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We received several queries and comments from our readers pertaining to our article on Svalbard seeds posted here. So this article is a follow-up to that as an attempt to solve some of those doubts.


3D Printing of Food: Boon or Bane?

President Obama recently praised 3 Printing technologies which have been used to make everything from guitars, to guns to living tissue and heart valves. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before someone extended the technology to gourmet foods.


Spike in Rate of Birth Defects In Hawaii: Who Is To Blame?

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Genetically modified corn helps resist pesticides, spelling financial growth for farmers but, on the downside, it might be harming the unborn children in their mother’s womb. For more than 3 years and through 4 different attempts to curb these chemical giants responsible for such birth defects, nearly 10,000 people marched recently through Hawaii’s tourist district to protest against the perpetrators.